Valli & Valli Door Hardware

One of the hallmarks of great architecture is profound attention to detail. That awareness lies behind SOM’s creation of elegant door handles for the Italian hardware company Valli & Valli. The collaboration resulted in two distinct lines that convey style and functionality.

For the first “O” line, SOM created a simple yet classic set of door handles suitable for a variety of commercial and residential applications. The shape of the handle is a single bold stroke that implies the motion required to operate it. Its twisting shape morphs from a cylinder to an ellipse to comfortably accommodate the hand. The second line of “O” door handles feature a fluid, organic form inspired by metal in its molten state. The design captures motion frozen in space and time, and highlights the ever-changing reflections of polished metal surfaces.

To design the hardware, SOM utilized aerodynamics software created for the auto industry, as well as new rapid-prototyping technology that enabled resin models to be made with 3D printers. Testing of both lines with a variety of users ensured that the door handles are as natural to use as they are beautiful.