Virginia Beach Convention Center

Since its completion, the award-winning Virginia Beach Convention Center has become the centerpiece of a 40-year master plan to green Virginia Beach and reinvigorate the classic resort town. A soaring 147-foot glass and steel tower pays homage to the city’s historic lighthouse, while lightweight trusses support a curving glass curtain wall. The lobby features a panoramic video screen that displays both commissioned digital artwork and event information.

The center includes four reconfigurable halls with 40-foot ceilings and a 240-foot clear span roof. A significant feat of engineering,the roof is one of the largest column-free spans in the United States. The facility also contains a grand ballroom, meeting rooms, and a community park with plants that tolerate drought.

Sustainable features include energy-efficient glazing and lighting and HVAC systems programmed to conserve electricity during off hours. These elements helped the center achieve “Virginia Green” certification from a statewide program to reduce the environmental impacts of the tourism industry.