WeBank Headquarters

Located in the Qianhai District of Shenzhen, China, the 31-story, 140,000-square-meter headquarters of WeBank—the first privately-owned and digital-only bank in China—integrates technology, sustainability, and design innovation to advance the company’s mission of inclusive finance and banking. Expected to be completed in 2022, the new WeBank Headquarters will include a series of flexible workspaces, planted terraces and gardens, blended indoor/outdoor spaces, and a diverse series of high performance design strategies for a healthy, collaborative, and amenity-rich working environment.

The building takes inspiration from the architectural principles of the regional Lingnan style, weaving the public spaces of the surrounding district into the work environment. Open arcades and courtyards at ground level introduce the green axis and accessibility of the master plan into the tower itself. Large floorplates and multi-story, mixed-mode spaces distributed throughout the tower promote interdepartmental interaction, knowledge sharing, and adaptability for future workplace evolution. A series of terraced atria provide rich daylighting and natural ventilation for interior spaces.

Natural finishes in the building’s interior blend into the outdoor terraces and vertical parks, which are planted with native Lingnan flora and are responsive to the local climate. This provides ample shading, increased outdoor access, and an overall reduction in glazing for a window-to-wall ratio of 50 percent. Horizontal shading fins and low-e glass work in tandem with terrace cut-outs to draw in daylight while reducing solar gain.

A habitable rooftop garden will harvest rainwater for indoor plant and green wall irrigation, and to control rainwater release into the local aquifer. The garden is designed to accommodate photovoltaic or solar thermal panels to provide supplemental power to the building.

WeBank Headquarters embodies the company’s vision of finance and technology in an increasingly connected world, creating a new workplace for Shenzhen that merges digital enterprise with the natural environment.